For some time now, names such as Charismatic Renewal, Communion and Liberation, Cursillo, Faith and Light, Focolare, L’Arche, Neo-Catechumenal Way, St. Egidio and other names of large and small communities are becoming part of the Church’s vocabulary. The new and fresh spiritual impetus they are bringing to the Church has been noted, for instance, in recent synods of Bishops. Pope John Paul II has pointed out that as well as bringing this new impetus, these new communities and movements are opening up a new apostolic methodology.

The most recent significant example of a new collaboration among the Movements was the meeting “New Ecclesial Movements and the New Evangelization” in which 1300 priests, deacons and seminarians took part. The goal was to come into direct contact with what the Holy Spirit is doing today in the Church through the charisms that lie at the origins of the new Movements. It was an opportunity to see just what is the novelty for evangelisation being indicated by the Holy Spirit through these new communities.

Organised by the Priests Centre of the Focolare Movement, the meeting was a powerful experience for all who attended because it showed how the diversity of charisms and the Movements are responding to the spiritual yearnings found in today’s world.

The following articles are some of the contributions made by speakers at the meeting.